User account

Provide users with a profile, a library, newsletter management and fully GDPR compliant account management.

My Account pages

  • Access

    Sign-in and forgotten password

    The sign-in page works responsively across devices, allowing for a smooth user experience.

  • user

    My profile

    This set of pages allows users to create profiles, view their comments and create a library of saved stories. They can also use this area to view their account settings, newsletter choices, and orders.

  • Newsletters


    This is an ADvance capture form. This page is for users to select the email services they wish to receive.

  • My_Library

    My library

    This page displays a list of articles the site user has chosen to save for reference or to read later.

ADvance account management pages

The ADvance module comes with a full set of pages for the user to manage their account. These pages provide GDPR compliance for the user to access, edit and delete their account.