Find out about messages, widgets, language support, SEO, Metadata extraction layer and API.

  • messages

    UI messages

    Messages included in the framework set are a prompt to allow users to consent to cookies, the option to hide content from people using ad blockers, and information about old, unsupported browsers.

  • Promos

    Promos and widgets

    Promos and widgets can be used in multiple places across the website. Updating them once, will update them in all positions. The framework includes a “most popular” widget by default, and an optional newsletter sign-up promo.

  • Languages

    Multi-language support

    Webvision Cloud has been developed to include support for creating and editing content in multiple languages. For entire sites in a different language there is provision for translating “fixed” text in the site furniture.

  • Architecture

    Underlying architecture

    Webvision Cloud has been developed to include good, organic SEO. There are many examples of how the platform automatically generates metadata about the site structure and page content.

  • API


    A generic content API is available as part of Webvision Cloud.

  • MetaData

    Metadata extraction layer

    The metadata extraction layer publishes metadata about the content or site user to the page so it can be accessed by analytics, advertising systems and within JavaScript.

  • Google_Events

    Event tracking

    Google Event tracking opens up deep insights into exactly how your users are interacting with your website. It supplements Google Analytics by monitoring actions that aren’t triggered by a page load, giving a detailed picture of activity including real-time metrics.