Content display

Webvision Cloud gives you control of your content and how to display it.

  • Nav2

    Site navigation

    All areas of the site’s navigation, from the main navigation to the footer links, are controlled via the content management system and can be easily and quickly configured changed and updated.

  • SPIN


    SPIN is a term used to describe how Webvision allows new, fully-responsive landing pages to be created quickly by non-technical website managers using grids that can also be selected and varied easily.

  • Story


    Webvision Cloud story pages are very flexible in their display options. Layouts can be easily configured to place emphasis on text or images, and to incorporate video, audio and infographics.

  • search

    Search results

    Utilising the powerful open-source enterprise search engine SOLR, the search results allow for facets on content type, category, and date. The SOLR Search results list all stories found matching the search criteria activated by the user from the global free text search box.

  • Bio


    The biography page builds dynamically, and is linked from story byline credits and contact names. As well as individual or company contact details, it also automatically links to content credited to the same author or supplier.

  • Contacts


    This page is used to display staff contacts and their details grouped by department. For staff members who author content, the contact details can also link to their biography pages.

  • A-Z

    A–Z subjects and authors

    These two linked pages build automatically as new content is added and categorised or given byline credits. They provide links to all stories with the selected category or byline.

  • Previous_Issues

    Previous issues/issue index

    If configured, this optional page is linked to the A-Z subjects and authors pages and lists story content grouped issue. If applicable, cover images can be attached to each of the issues.

  • Microsite


    Microsites is an optional Webvision Cloud module for creating multiple mini-sites within the same parent domain, each with their own main navigation and branding.

  • Newsletters

    Email newsletters

    The email newsletter comes as part of the Campaign Monitor integration. The responsive email newsletter template ensures that your email campaigns will look good on any device.