People list

    People list tab

    People associated with companies will appear:

    • On the People tab of the directory search results - if configured
    • On the people tab of the company profile
      • If there is only one person it will show the full details
      • If there is more than one person it will show the index page.

    To add people to the company profile, go to the company details page.

    In the People panel on the right-hand side, type in the name of the person, or choose from the list of people.

    This will launch the people add /edit screen.

    Directory Add People

    1. First Name
    2. Surname
    3. Job title
    4. Status - Live or inactive
    5. Photo - the site uses a 3:2 ratio. Any images that are not this ration will be cropped from the top centre.
    6. Intro text - appears on:
      1. the people search results
      2. the people list tab within a company profile
      3. Top of the person details page
    7. Description - rich text editor
    8. Communications
      1. Email - the email address will not appear on the frontend site. If the user fills out the contact form it will be sent to the person’s email address. A CC of the email will also be sent to the directory administrator
      2. Phone
      3. Mobile
    9. Categories - select the categories relevant to the person to ensure they are found in the search. These should be the categories used in the search facet
    10. Social Media
      1. Add the social media links for the company
      2. Social media options are configurable per publication
    11. Custom Data - if your directory has custom data it can be entered here

      Adding content to the company profile and content marketing directory