Configuration Menu

Configuration Menu

The configuration menu is used to configure the default settings for your organisation.

  • System Parameters > Basic Details

    The system parameters allow you to define some of the basic settings for your organisation.

  • Additional Code Types

    Additional code types are used to group additional codes under a single type.

  • Configuration > Bank Details

    The bank details page displays details of all bank accounts associated with payment processing for products managed in ADvance.

  • Brands

    The brands page displays all of your organizations brands.

  • Campaign

    Campaigns in the configuration area of ADvance are used to allow you to group source codes and relate them to a campaign.

  • Categories

    Categories are only relevant to organizations which have an online e-commerce shop managed through ADvance.

  • DPA Defaults

    This determines how you can process the personal data you collect from people living in the UK.

  • Configuration - Newsletters

    The newsletters page allows you to create a list of newsletters which are available to your customers.

  • Price Descriptions (ABC Codes)

    Price descriptions are used to describe the rate of discount applied to each subscription order, relative to the full price or basic annual rate.

  • Regions & Countries

    Regions are used to group countries together as required for your organisation.

  • Titles

    The titles page is used to manage the titles you can use in ADvance.

  • Source Codes

    Source codes is a generic term used to describe any code which is used to flag or track and covers things like offer codes, promotion codes, campaign tracking codes, effort codes, etc.

  • Subscriber Settings

    Subscriber settings are the settings for subscription services offered by your organisation.

  • Vertical Groups

    Vertical groups are used to group brands together. This helps to access and organise the data associated with each brand run by your organisation.