Site set up tasks

Managing site navigation

Site navigation and landing pages

Website managers can set up new landing pages easily and have extensive control over the content presented. These documents describe the various content selection and display options available.

Using the Hero block

How to showcase key content using Hero Blocks

Grab your readers’ attention with this high impact visual element.


General user tasks

Information for all CMS user roles

This section provides information about logging into the system, managing your home page dashboard, using searches and creating useful queues to track content.

Manager user tasks

Manager role tasks

Some of the functions in Webvision Cloud are managed by users with the ‘manager’ role. These include managing tags, issues, comments, contacts, and departments.

Administrator user tasks

Administrator tasks

A number of system level CMS options are restricted to administrator or manager users. They include site defaults, creating users, change tracking, activity reports and language translations.


Other website pages and elements

UI framework pages and elements

In addition to the story page and navigation templates, the Webvision Cloud UI framework includes a number of other configurable templates and elements.

Hosted Content

Hosted sites and assets

Webvision Cloud now supports the ability to upload and host separate web pages and assets in a sub-domain of your site.