Gating and segmentation

The combination of Webvision content tools and the user data held in ADvance allows appropriate content and messaging to be targeted to specific users. The guides on this page explain how audience segments can be defined and content delivered to them.

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Content for audience segments

Testing success rates for alternative access denied messages

Do you want to test two different access denied messages to see which is the most effective? This article explains how.

Gating and lead generation on individual content items

With Webvision Cloud’s gating functionality you can create premium content where access is granted based on completion of a form and consent to share details. This might be for white papers or other lead generation resources.

Actionable Engagement Metrics Webinar

The second webinar in our four-part series showcases the most popular client presentation from our 2018 Client Day. Adam Brownsell, Publisher of Chemistry World at the Royal Society of Chemistry, gives a step-by-step guide on how to develop actionable customer and member engagement metrics.

Display bespoke messages to different audiences and improve onboarding

Segmentation allows for personalised messages to be added to landing pages, helping provide a unique customer experience.

Auto-segment your audience to deliver targeted content and advertising

Easily segment your audience based on Business Intelligence filters that automatically process your customer data.

Create a personalised & engaging experience for your audience

Learn how to define your audience, create segmentation rules and display different content and navigation to different users.

Set up & customise your access denied messages for gated content

Configure custom access denied messages for gating content based on subscription, registration or demographics.

Drive revenue and collect demographics using white papers & lead generation

Learn how white papers and downloadable PDFs are a good tool to capture user data in exchange for access to premium content.

Provide free access to private stories based on selected categories

Is all your content gated and marked as private? This guide explains how you can make certain content free, based on categories and products with ADvance.

Has your audience given their consent? Is their personal data GDPR-compliant?

This piece of GDPR-related functionality can be set up to block access to site content until users have confirmed their consent settings.

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Related resources

Explore the wealth of customer data using the power of Business Intelligence

The ADvance database contains user data received from web registrations, surveys, product orders, subscriptions, event registration, event attendance, and other sources.

Access control UI Framework and out-of-the-box examples

Webvision Cloud supports flexible access control as standard, so you can decide where you set the paywall and metered registration threshold.

Understanding Business Intelligence filters and exposing user data

A party record is created for each customer or company who registers or purchases a product. This user data can be viewed per party, or the entire data can be searched across using Business Intelligence.