System menu

System Menu

The system menu is used to manage the system settings for ADvance.

  • Campaign Types

    Campaign types are used to group campaigns under a single type.

  • Countries

    Countries are defined in ADvance to determine the basic address and financial settings for each country around the world.

  • Help Text Setup

    Help text can be placed into a variety of pages within ADvance back-end.

  • Postcode Areas

    Postcode areas allow you to group postcodes together to define specific and bespoke regions in the UK.

  • Source Types

    Source code types are used to group source codes under a single type to identify how they are used with ADvance.

  • File assets

    This page is used by administrators to store files that can be utilised via the ADvance text assets.

  • Text Assets

    Text assets are used to place content into the web pages, emails and PDFs which are integrated into your websites via the ADvance system.

The following menus are mostly used for bespoke implementations:

  • Appearance
  • Web Texts
  • Type Channels