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Welcome to the online help documentation for ADvance. If you are new to the system, please consider reading the ‘Introduction to ADvance’ section below. This provides a brief overview of ADvance, its core features and its capabilities.

  • Main menus

    This help documentation is structured in a similar way to ADvance. It is organised to reflect the tabs and menus used in ADvance and help you browse the documentation to find what you need.

  • Administrator menus

    The general admin menu provides guidance on the admin and configuration features in ADvance. Note that different users can access different areas of ADvance based on their user roles.

  • Gating and segmentation

    These guides explain how to define audience segments to deliver appropriate content and targeted messaging to specific users through Webvision content tools and ADvance user data.

  • Email and PDF Assets

    Default text assets for Email and PDF messages

  • ADvance release notes

    Keep up-to-date with newly released features and fixes.

UI Framework

  • User account

    This help documentation explains how to provide users with a profile, a library, newsletter management and fully GDPR compliant account management.

  • Access & e-commerce

    These guides explain how to manage and control access to your content, register users, sell subscriptions and set up a shop.


Introduction to ADvance


The ADvance SaaS customer data platform (CDP) is a GDPR-compliant, multichannel single customer view, customer identity & access management (CIAM), and e-commerce system in one.

ADvance empowers organisations to engage and manage audiences using all of the communication methods you would expect in the real world – via the web, email and in print. Unlike marketing automation and CRM systems, ADvance is transactional and combines all necessary data intelligence and tools to deliver or trigger the right message in the right format at the right time.

ADvance tracks visitors to your website, encourages them to register and subscribe to your products. The CIAM capabilities allow you to set up metered access levels/tiers which allow visitors to view a limited number of pages before they are asked to register and then subscribe within a predetermined timeframe.

The subscription management capability allows you to easily create, set-up and deliver multiple subscription options for each of your products, such as digital and print magazines, different subscription terms, different currency options etc. When a subscription is due to end, customers can be targeted in a renewal campaign to encourage them to renew.

A party record is created in ADvance once a user registers. This allows the user to sign in when they visit your website and they can purchase individual products or subscribe to your magazines. ADvance also allows you to analyse your customer base which can help you to develop/improve and market your products.