Audience Reporting

The audience reporting menu contains links to all the functions relating to data import, export and analysis in ADvance.

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    Explore the wealth of customer data using the power of Business Intelligence

    The ADvance database contains user data received from web registrations, surveys, product orders, subscriptions, event registration, event attendance, and other sources.

  • Reports

    Access to a series of pre-defined reports such as financial, marketing, logistic and audit

  • IFR

    Manage the distribution of print based products to your subscribers.

  • Fulfilment Management

    Manage the fulfilment and distribution of individual items to your customers. This includes back issues of a print based magazine, sundry items such as free gifts, and all issues of a digital product.

  • Batch Uploads (ETL)

    Allows you to bulk upload data via CSV files. Can add new and overwrite existing data.

  • Payment Management

    Dsplays all failed payments from a debit/credit card or direct debit.

  • Cheque Processing

    Monitor cheque payments for reconciliation purposes and confirm when payment is received.

  • Direct Debits

    Set up and manage the direct debit requests from your customers.

  • Batch CC Order Cancellation

    Pocess bulk cancellations of controlled circulation orders.

  • Data export log

    Check the details of every data extract from your database.