Content management

Guidance on all aspects of content creation, site set-up tasks and using the power of Webvision Cloud and ADvance together to target content to segments of your audience or to apply effective and flexible gating strategies. The UI framework section provides an overview of the website templates and functionality.

If you are new to the system, please consider reading the ‘Introduction to Webvision Cloud’ section below.

  • Content creation

    How to create and edit article content, select display options, and add value with attachments, links, images, files.

  • Site set up tasks

    How to set up new sites or new landing pages, plus maintenance tasks for general, manager and administrator system users.

  • Gating and segmentation

    These guides explain how to define audience segments to deliver appropriate content and targeted messaging to specific users through Webvision content tools and ADvance user data.

  • Third-party integrations

    Google services are often used for ad serving, analytics and tag management. Optionally stories can be exported for use with Adobe InDesign.

  • UI Framework

    The Webvision Core UI provides a fully responsive set of components for delivering websites to all devices and browsers. It provides publishers with all the tools they need to succeed in a mobile first digital world.


Introduction to Webvision Cloud


Webvision Cloud is a GDPR-compliant Digital eXperience Platform (DXP), comprising a professional mobile-friendly website, an enterprise-class CMS and a market-leading audience engagement database – all in the cloud.

Webvision Cloud is for organisations of all sizes that need to provide their audience with a relevant and engaging digital experience across all devices, at an affordable price. The out-of-the-box functionality is highly configurable and flexible, giving users the ability to be in full control of the customer experience from content management and delivery to audience engagement and tailored digital communications.

The flexibility of the platform supports a range of content templates and revenue-generating business models – from paid content to advertising and sponsorship – to achieve a greater return on your investment. These include paid subscriptions, both bundles and single items, industry-standard banner advertising, digital and event sponsorship, creative marketing solutions (e.g. content marketing and native advertising), video and audio media and multi-language support.

The platform is secure, low risk and low cost. There is no infrastructure requirement, nothing to install, and no need for costly IT staff to run it, as all technology and website hosting is in the cloud. Webvision Cloud has been designed to enforce GDPR data protection compliance and provide an audit trail to ensure any disputes can be dealt with swiftly and decisively. The Compliance Hub keeps track of all interactions with your customers so that your organisation can demonstrate lawful consent and ongoing engagement (for legitimate interest).

Webvision Cloud is continually being developing and improved for the benefit of all of our clients. Being a SaaS platform allows for continuous and transparent upgrades, so you will always be running on the latest version of the software. And with its genuine scalability, there is a range of optional functionality that can extend your business easily and cost-effectively.