How-to Guides

These guides have been developed to help Webvision Cloud clients tackle key tasks relating to their websites.

New guides are always being added. Please let your Account Director know if there is anything missing that you would like to be covered.

Below are the most common tasks, view all how to guides.


Content Management

Choosing and uploading images

Make sure your site is fully optimised by finding out which format of an image to use and when, how automatic cropping works and how best to save images from Photoshop.

How to create a topics index page

Many sites have pages about companies, or services, or people, which would benefit from a topics index page linking through to all of the items. In the case of, they have a page listing artists.

How to create an A-Z of navigation items

Where a section of the site comprises multiple pages about similar items – for example companies, countries, suppliers, universities, etc – it can be useful to have a page that includes links to those pages listed in alphabetic order.

How to create collapsible sections of a page

Open / Close accordion sections.



Auto-segment your audience to deliver targeted content and advertising

Easily segment your audience based on Business Intelligence filters that automatically process your customer data.

How to add Google reCAPTCHA

Abacus recommends having Google reCAPTCHA enabled on your site registration form as this is a good security practice against spam and abuse.

How to set up the right-hand column of the “My Account” page

In order to make the look of the subdomain pages consistent with the other website logged in user profile pages, the “my account options” element can be included in the relevant account pages. This is done by including an iframe in the web right hand column content of the form ...

Google tools and services

Google Analytics and Tag Manager

Google Analytics basics

How to set up commonly used filters and track search terms.

Track logged-in and logged-out users via GA and GTM

How to integrate data layer user states.

GA and GTM default set-up

Understand the default configuration for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Set up e-commerce for AD check-out pages

How to track check-out behaviour and sales performance.

Troubleshooting and debugging

How to: troubleshooting and debugging GA/GTM, exporting and importing GTM configurations.

Webvision Cloud - Google Tag Manager Standard Container

Set-up the Webvision Cloud - GTM standard container

Email integration

Email Integrations

How to set up BI queries for marketing emails

This document sets out the most cost-efficient way to set up email campaigns using a combination of ADvance BI and your EMS platform, where the email content is not a story-based newsletter.

Newsletter preview and preheader text

The preheader text is a critical element to get your email opened and acted upon. It’s an easy quick win!

Campaign Monitor troubleshooting

Some tips that can save you time before reporting an email integration issue.

Adestra troubleshooting

Some tips that can save you time before reporting an email integration issue.

Dotmailer troubleshooting

Some tips that can save you time before reporting an email integration issue.

image and asset handling 01

Image Editing

Saving from Photoshop

Some tips on how to save your images from Photoshop.

Image sizes and cropping

For JPG images, upload as large an image as you can. If possible the image should be at least 2000px wide.