Version: 1.4.5

    Released: 26 January 2021, 14:30 GMT

    What’s New?

    Improved Order Confirmation Page for Corporate Orders

    Our design team has improved the order confirmation page for frontend corporate orders, making it clearer that recipients must be added to the order by clicking the Add Recipients button.


    Previously this button may have been missed by subscribers, leading to a few frontend corporate orders with no recipients. 

    For more information on how corporate recipients can be added to frontend flow, see How to add recipients to corporate orders via the website purchase flow.

    Status Column on DPA Management Screen

    The DPA management screen will now display the status of each DPA question on the right-hand side. This will make it easier to identify which DPA questions are no longer live.


    Pop-Up Window on Actions Management Screen

    When going into the Actions Management screen, you will now be presented with a Please wait pop-up window if there are a large number of campaign actions to load. 


    Restricted Characters on Frontend Forms

    We have restricted the use of certain characters from being entered on frontend capture forms. This security measure has been implemented to stop some of the scripting hacks we have seen with registered users. 


    • The BI warning pop-up window will now display in more conditions.
    • General improvements to the handling of large corporate orders in the backend.
    • General ODATA improvements to error handling and paging.
    • Fixed an issue where using currency override on a variant with a product split led to an incorrect gross price.
    • Fixed an issue where incorrect values were displayed when using CUSTOM ATTRIBUTES / ROW SET / CATEGORY in BI.
    • Fixed an issue where the bank transaction detail report continued reporting the original VAT rate where an order had moved to a new VAT rate.
    • Fixed an issue where direct debit frequency reverted to the frequency used in the first variant after linking to a variant with a different frequency.
    • Fixed an issue that occurred when replacing or amending a BI query that is used in a Subscriber Campaign. 
    • General system improvements.