22 July 2020, 21:30 BST

    What’s improved?

    Renewal Start Dates

    We have made some changes to how an order start date is calculated per product for a renewal order. 

    When an order is renewed it will start the renewal order for each of the same products being renewed from the end of the existing products. If the renewal order contains a new product that is not on the order being renewed it will now start on the latest end date available instead of the order date.  This will ensure that on renewal orders the new product will always start and end on the same date as other products on that order and subscriptions do not end with misaligned dates.

    Please see our story on How is the start date calculated for a renewal order? for more information.

    Changes to Subscribe Flow

    We have added some additional security features to e-commerce transactions.

    • The card security code (CVV) is now a mandatory field for Continous Credit Card orders.
    • We have included verified payment provider logos on our frontend subscription flow. 

    SafeKey Logos on Frontend

    Corporate Self Service Module: Additional Configurable Text

    The below text on the Corporate Self Service pages can now be configured by the Corporate Self Service Dashboard text asset.

    Corporate Self Service Configurable Text Asset

    • The text at the top can be configured by adding PlaceHolderName=”TopContent” on Corporate Self Service Dashboard text asset.
    • The text at the bottom can be configured by adding PlaceHolderName=”Bottom” on Corporate Self Service Dashboard text asset.

    Example of code:

    For more information please see Corporate Subs: Self-service pages, web activation and text assets.

    Corporate Self Service Module: Last Activity Column

    The Last Activity Column for an online product on the Corporate Self Service module will now display the date the user had any Website Login Activity for the brand that the corporate order is associated with, instead of the date the user accessed the content of a gated story page.

    This change will show more activity on corporate subscriptions as users will have a Website Login Activity in their customer diary every time they are on website for the associated brand as a logged-in user.

    Corporate Self Service Last Activity

    Timeout Message in BI

    We have added a new pop up that will appear if a BI times out and fails to export.

    BI TimeOut Message

    There is also a new pop up that appears when a BI query is too complex and may result in a time out. 

    Complex BI Query Popup

    Country Name Data Source in BI

    A new data source has been added in BI, this can be accessed by going to Custom Attributes / Personal data / COUNTRY_NAME.

    This data source will show the latest country field that has been populated via a frontend capture form.

    By using this filter you will be able to obtain the latest country someone has populated via a frontend capture form, even if the other address fields are blank and the address does not constitute as a valid address on the database. 

    Country Name Data Source

    New Order Cancellation Reason Codes

    Two new cancellation reasons have been added when cancelling orders on the database: Agent Error Database Adjustment.

    Order Cancellation Reason Codes

    Corporate Order Extension Disabled

    The ability to extend the paid entitlement on Corporate orders has been disabled. Grace order extension should be used when required, for more information please see How to process and manage a Corporate order.

    Corporate Order Extension Disabled

    Grace Extension


    1. We are continuing to enhance and improve the integration between ADvance and Salesforce.
    2. Improved the party deletion synced between ADvance and Webvision where there are multiple Webvision CMSs (this applies to some clients who have different Webvision backends for different vertical markets.)
    3. An issue where the Bank Transaction Detail report displayed the recipients of corporate order where no monetary value was assigned to the recipient has been fixed.
    4. An issue where the Bank Transaction Summary report displayed an incorrect total.
    5. Errors that would appear when making a user inactive and they were the recipient of a historic online gift subscription.
    6. An issue where Grace Online End Date did not display any result when running Subscriptions / Orders / Subscriptions / Grace Online End Date. 
    7. Hidden the ability to target orders paid by Continous Credit Card in Renewal Campaigns.
    8. An issue where invoices attached to an order confirmation email did not display the PO number.
    9. The Product Offer Web Title will not allow more than 150 characters to be inputted.
    10. An issue that caused the incorrect address to be shown in the Renewal Actions Management export has been fixed where a renewal campaign targets the recipient and there are gift orders with multiple products.
    11. Renewal Campaign will now display the source code type where a source code is used in a renewal effort.
    12. An issue that caused user ‘Interests’ to display ‘Interests’ from other brand sites.
    13. Fixed an issue where changing the recipient of an agency/gift/company donor order generated historical back issues.
    14. General system improvements.