The field mapping page is used to:

    • Map columns in the batch upload source file to fields in ADvance
    • Import the data from the source file

    This page is enabled when a source file is uploaded in the Basic details page.

    Example of the Field Mapping page

    The file fields list displays all of the column headings in the batch source upload file. The sources list shows every field in ADvance where data is entered.

    A column in the file fields list must be mapped to a field in the source list. When the file is imported, the data in each column will be mapped into the mapped source in ADvance. Data will not be imported from a column in the batch upload file if it is not mapped to a source field.

    Each column in the file fields list is automatically mapped to its corresponding field it the source file has been formatted correctly. See Data preparation for further details.

    • Columns marked with a green tick have been mapped to a source field
    • Columns marked with a red warning sign have not been mapped

    Note: It is not necessary to map every column in the batch source file to a field in ADvance. For example; the file may contain a reference field such as party ID details. This can be used to reference the data in ADvance, but party IDs are generated when new parties are added and do not change. As such, there would be no need to import the party ID data.

    How to map a file field to a data source

    1. Click the file field
    2. Navigate to the data source
    3. Note: The folder or sub folder containing the data source will affect where the data is imported to. For example; if you select a data source in the top level address folder, the data is imported as an historic address for the appropriate records. If the data in the batch source file provides the latest address for each party, the data sources should be selected from the latest address subfolder

      Note: The data protection fields must be mapped under the custom attribute data protection folders and not the DPA folder. The DPA folder is used for BIA method of segmenting your database to provide actionable data about your customers extracts.

    4. Tick the data source to map the file field to it. The field is mapped to the source

    Example of Mapping a File Field to a Data Source

    Note: It is recommended that once the fields have been mapped to review under the Mapped field page.

    How to import the batch upload file

    The batch upload file can be imported to ADvance once the batch has been set up. Ensure the Basic Details page and the field mapping is complete before importing the data. The basic details are locked to prevent editing after the file is imported.

    1. Click Import upload file. The file is imported and the data is matched to the appropriate data sources in ADvance

    Note: The data is displayed in the Matching Results page. This allows you to review the data and ensure it is matched to the appropriate record. It also allows you to manually process data which could not be imported from the source file.

    Mapped field

    The mapped field page shows how the data in the upload file is mapped to a field in ADvance.

    This page is view only. It replaces the Field Mapping page after the data has been uploaded.

    Example of the mapped field page