The BI Library (BIL) is a group of core BI filters that we have identified as helpful for standard selections that are often requested. These include both base BI queries and system BI queries.

    You may adapt the BI filters to your specific needs by using the Save As function to create a duplicate query that can be amended. 

    To access the BIL queries, navigate to Audience Reporting > Business Intelligence and select BI Library in the Group drop-down menu. 

    BI Library

    To access the BI Library, filter for the group on the BI screen.

    Please refer to the stories below for a full description of each BIL query. 

    My Insights Dashboard

    My Insights is a series of interactive visual reports that focus on key areas of your user data presented with graphs and trends. It can be accessed on the ADvance dashboard page and reports on your Website Registrations, Live Subscribers, Orders, and Payments.

    Please see My Insights Dashboard for a video explanation on how to use the dashboard.

    The dashboard uses the below BIL queries as its source data to present an interactive detailed report on your subscriptions and registrations.

    Live Subscribers

    Query Name – BIL_Live_Subscribers_Count_by_Brand

    A subscriber would be a person who is the recipient of a component of a subscription on an order. An order could have multiple components (i.e., print, online, digital, app) with multiple recipients. Each of those recipients will only be counted once for that brand irrespective of the number of components received within the brand.

    The purpose of this BI query is to create a count of all subscribers with an order status of ‘live’ by brand.

    This query is based on subscribers as opposed to orders and each subscriber will only be counted once even if that person has multiple copies or multiple active subscriptions for the same brand. However, the count is shown as order type within brand and if a subscriber has 2 orders with different order types they will be counted in each of the order types.

    To identify current live orders the two parameters shown below need to be changed (after doing ‘save as’) on the BI query. If a specific brand is required that can be added in on the first parameter (using ‘is equal to’):

    • Subscription / Start Date is before - this should be before tomorrow’s date 
    • Subscription / End Date is after - this should be after yesterday’s date


    Query Name – BIL_Live_Orders_by_Date

    The purpose of this BI query is to list of all live and expired orders after a specific date. It is important to note that this is based on orders and not subscriptions. This report will NOT list multiple products for an order. This will not include any cancelled, suspended or deleted orders. Please note the fields being output. 

    To select the required period the parameter shown below would need to be changed (after doing ‘save as’) on the BI query.

    • Orders / Order Details / Order Date is after - specify the date after which the details are required


    Query Name – BIL_Live_WebRegistrations_by_Brand 

    The purpose of the BI query is to create a list of all transactions with a Type = Website registration that are live.

    This is based on the ‘Transaction’ folder within BI as it will only include those that have done a web registration and not any entries that have been loaded via the ETL process. If, however parties were loaded and a request was sent to re-register then there could potentially be spikes shortly after the loading process.

    This BI does not include entries generated on shared logins. It will only incorporate the brand for which the user registered.


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