Abacus have added support for Google Flexible Sampling and Schema.org metadata to the Webvision Cloud article pages. 

    This allows Google Indexers to be granted access to content which would otherwise present an access denied page due to paywall conditions within the site, allowing it to index the full content of the article. The implementation complies with Googles advice regarding the mark up of pages so that the Google Robot can understand whether the content being accessed would normally be controlled via access control rules (i.e. a paywall or metered restrictions). 

    Learn more about Google Flexible Sampling -

    There are 4 configuration settings available: 

    Each area has a separate configuration setting, but Abacus are recommend that a quick consultation is carried out with you to ensure it is correctly configured withyour sites gating regime. 

    Schema.org data - on/off

    This will automatically add Schema.org metadata into the page This gives Google more structured data to index. 


    This setting will be set to:

    • True for stories marked as Public
    • False for stories marked as Private in the CMS

    NOTE: this setting does not take into account the product settings in Advance.

    Therefore we recommend only turning on this feature when the site has locked content or metered access.

    Google Bot Access to gated content - on/off

    Where content is completely locked this setting allows the Google Bot through the paywall to index the content. 

    Within the structured data, gated content is marked-up as “isAccessibleForFree”: false 

    This has to be done in conjunction with the ‘Restricted class’ feature which marks up the content that is restricted from the public, so Google does not think content is being cloacked.

    NOTE: Where this setting is enabled, the content access bypass granted to Google Bot is verified via a reverse DNS lookup. The ensures regular site users are unable to bypass the access control by simply spoofing the Google Bot user agent.   

    Metered Access 

    Where you have metered access it is also advisable to turn on the configuration to show that this content is not accessible for free.  

    Restricted class – on/off 

    The restricted class tells Google which areas of the page are unavailable when a user is denied access to the story.

    This is applied to the following areas of the HTML

    • .colmain
    • .rightcolumn
    • .bottomAdContainer
    • .relatedVideos
    • .relatedArticles
    • .commentContainer
    • .primaryArticles 

    This setting should be enabled where Google Bot is granted access to gated content outside of the normal site access regime.

    Meta no article – on/off 

    Turning this on will add <meta name=”robots” content=”noarchive” /> to the head of the page.

    By default Google will cache the page this can allow users to see pages without having to go to the site. If you do not want to allow Google to cache the pages on their search results page set this to on.

    This setting is recommended where restricted content access is granted to Google Bot, ensuring Google does not store a copy of the page and make this accessible via its search.