Corporate orders are large bespoke orders that can have multiple recipients against it. Users can be added manually, automatically via an email domain or IP address, or via the Corporate Self Service Module. 

    Corporates subscriptions can only be processed on company records. You can use an existing company account or you can create a new one on the party search screen.


    Please note:

    Before creating a corporate subscription, please ensure you are using the correct product offer and variant type to create the order. Please see the documentation here on how to create a corporate product offer.

    Within this article you will learn the following:

    1. How to create a corporates order
    2. How to add a party record to the corporate order
    3. How to add an auto-association rule
    4. How to extend a corporate order


    New party companies

    1. Create a corporates order

    The subscription type should be corporate.

    Corporate subscription selection

    Once you click continue, you will come to the Choose billing address page and can not only enter a billing address but also a billing contact, renewal contact and a corporate self-service administrator

    corporate order billing address

    In order to add someone as renewal or billing contact, just type out their contact name in the box. The user should come up in the dropdown menu. In order for someone to be linked as the billing or renewal contact, they need to be associated to the company account.

    Once you’ve selected the variant you want from the product offer page, you can select your variant.

    corporate order select variant

    You can amend an existing variant and adjust the entitlement and quantity for each product. At the bottom, you are able to change the order start date. 

    corporate order entitlements

    If you need to edit the variant within the order, you can click into the highlighted entitlements and change these to reflect your user amount.

    corporate order entitlements print

    Once you click into it, it will look like the above. ADvance will give you the option to change the quantity amount and the duration – this can be amended to reflect years, months, weeks and days.

    Once you have amended all your products as necessary, you can click continue.

    The delivery summary page will allow you to add any discounts/amend the price of your corporate.

    corporate order delivery summary

    Continue onto the DPA page. Updating preferences if necessary.

    corporate order DPA

    Continue to the payments page and select your payment option. Here you can choose invoice (Credit, Pro-forma), card, cheque, bank transfer etc..


    Please note:

    Invoice credit will give the users access for the specified credit period before suspending on the system. Invoice pro-forma will not give access until the subscription has been paid off. A credit invoice will have a status of live immediately, but a pro-forma sub will remain pro-forma and inactive until paid.

    corporate order payment

    The final page is the review order page. (Please note as this is a corporate, there will be no recipient address page)

    corporate order confirmation post

    You can choose to send an invoice or receipt on the final confirmation page, or you can select by post. This will not send anything to the customer.

    corporate order complete

    2. Add party records to the corporate order

    After you have processed the corporate, the next step is adding your users. Users will be carried over by default if the corporate order is a renewal of another order. 

    Search for the party on the system – you can use the postcode, email address or name to find the recipient. If they do not exist on the system, click on the right-hand side to new person and create a record.

    If they already exist, click onto the account.

    The user will have to be associated with the company account – the account the order was created on. In order to do this, you will need to click on assign company in the addresses, companies and contacts tab.

    corporate assign company

    corporate order assign company

    corporate order assign company

    Paste the company URN in the party ID field and click search. Select the company account and the correct address.

    Once you’ve associated the company to the account, you can now add the recipient to the order. You can do this two ways: from the orders tab, or through the addresses, companies and contacts tab. Please note for the second way, you must tick the company you want to associate them to.

    corporate order associate party

    corporate order party

    Once you’ve clicked the add to corporate order option, a screen will pop up with all the different orders on that company account. Select the right one and choose your entitlements.

    corporate party order

    corporate party order select

    You need to tick the products on the left-hand side and put your quantity of each product in the amount box.

    Ordered = how many spaces are on each product / Sold and Allocated = how many spaces have been used out of the total sold / Available = how many spaces remain on the order.


    Please note:

    You can only allocate one online product to a recipient.

    3. How to add an auto-association rule

    Email Domain

    If you want users to be automatically added to the corporate order when registering or logging in with a specific email domain, you can go to Auto Association Rules  on the order and add it there. You will need to input the email domain on the left box and a box description on the right. 

    Auto Association Domain

    You can add multiple email domains to the same order. 

    IP Set

    If you want users to access the products in the corporate order when using a certain IP address, you can go to IP Sets  on the order and add it there. Once added any users who are on your website with the qualifying IP address, will get access to the corporate order. These users will not be added as a recipient to the order as their access is defined by their connection. 

    You can add multiple IP sets on one order.

    Auto Association IP Sets

    You must have a defined IP set on the company record in order to add it to an order. To do this, go to the company record and select Add New IP Set  under IP Sets. You can add a single IP address or a range. 

    Auto Association IP Set Add

    4. How to extend a corporate order

    If you wish to grant more access to a corporate order, you are able to do so by extending the grace. This will extend the order without adjusting the financial liability and is useful in situations where the new renewal order is still being negotiated. You can use this to either add a grace period to a corporate order, or to extend an existing grace period.

    This can be done by going the order and selecting Grace Extension  in the actions dropdown.

    Grace Extension

    The grace period that is inputted in the pop-up will always be calculated based on the subscription end date. 


    You will see the grace extension in the Entitlements  tab. The end date of the order will remain the same as you are adding a grace period