If you edit text assets in ADvance you’ll notice they appear in several places in the system. The asset hierarchy can be overridden at several levels within a brand to give the user a unique experience at particular touchpoints.

    For each new client implementation, a ‘golden set’ of text assets is uploaded to ADvance and are accessible under the system dropdown menu. These assets apply to ALL brands created under the client unless overridden. The benefit of client-level assets is they only need to be edited once to apply to all brands, which is useful for any generic messaging.

    To create a bespoke brand experience you might want to override particular client-level text assets. Select your brand under Configuration>Brands and, on the left-hand side, you will see the option to customise existing text assets. There is only a small sub-set of assets which our customers need to review, others are completed as part of the onboarding process.

    Brand assets can also be overridden on forms and product variants. These assets allow you to extend the messaging even further to identify an event, bespoke product, etc. The diagram below shows the text assets hierarchy and the areas of customisation.



    There is a comprehensive list of text assets available in ADvance for email, webpages, PDFs and metadata.