The most recent Campaign Monitor integration includes the following:

    • Content integration – Set up standard newsletter XML feeds in Webvision Cloud, which is compatible with Campaign Monitor RSS Feed.
    • Subscriber lists integration – Automated generation and updating of subscriber lists for newsletters and users who have opted in to receive email communications via DPA settings.
    • User metadata - Specific demographics and information of each user will be passed on from ADvance to Campaign Monitor automatically allowing you to create targeted segments. 
    • Unsubscribe integration – A daily process is set up by Abacus to update the newsletter status of subscribers to ‘inactive’ and add a source code on their record if the user has unsubscribed from a newsletter list on Campaign Monitor.
    • Sample Campaign Monitor template – A sample email template that works with Campaign Monitor and clients can be used as an example to design their own template. Abacus’ design team can create custom templates to suit each client.

    For more information please see the group story on Campaign Monitor Version 4 Overview.