Changing the delivery address for existing print subscriptions is a simple process. If a party record has multiple subscriptions then you can change the address for more than one order at the same time. 

    In order to change an existing address on an account, you will need to go to the Addresses, companies and contacts tab.

    Addresses, companies and contacts tab

    Click into the address you want to change and click the Change button.

    change address


    The below orders tab shows all of the orders that are associated with this address.

    Search for an address

    Here you can search for an address or add a new one.

    Select an address

    Confirm address

    After selecting your address, you will see an associated orders pop-up. This will allow you to select the order/s that you want to change the address for.

    Select orders

    Once you select the orders you would like to change the address for, you can click finish. This will update the address on the account and the selected order.

    Alternatively, if you do not want to change an existing address, but want to add an additional one, you can select the add address option in the Addresses, companies and contacts tab.

    Add address

    You can then search for an address or add a new one.