This feature maps to “The Right of Access” and “The Right to Data Portability.” For more information on GDPR, please see this guide.

    Extract data via ADvance

    Search for the specific user record in ADvance > Parties. Then, under GDPR Actions, click on the “Download” button. An XML file containing all the data related to the user’s record in ADvance will be downloaded automatically.

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    If you do not have ‘Export to Excel’ permission set on your ADvance user login, you will not be able to export via this screen.

    Extract data via the website

    If you have a Webvision Cloud website, then the option to extract data is already available as part of the new extended “My Account” page. After a user logs in and navigates to the “My Account” area, they can download their data as required.

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    For more information on the extended “My Account” pages, please see the related guides below. If you do not currently have these pages but would like to, please contact Abacus Support.