The custom attributes page displays the capture forms for the product variant selected in the order:

    Example of the custom attributes page

    1. Click a form name. The form is displayed.
    2. Input the custom attributes for the party
    3. Click Continue. The Review & Confirm page is displayed

    Note: This page is only displayed for controlled circulation orders

    Order summary

    The order summary displays a summary of the options you have selected so far:

    Example of the order summary

    The following details are displayed:

    • Type. This is the type of order selected in the Subscription page
    • Variant details. This is displayed after a variant of a product offer is selected. It shows details of each product variant
      • Click Remove to remove a product variant from the order
    • Billing contact. This is the name of the party which is acquiring the order
    • Billing address. This is the billing address of the party which is acquiring the order
    • Shipping. This is the shipping costs for the product
    • Total. This is the total cost for the product