We are pleased to announce that the latest version of ADvance Cloud was released at 9:30pm on 25th July 2018. It contains a number of fixes and improvements to the system, as well as support for new features and functionality.*

    General updates

    Corporate Order Improvements

    1. Corporate order start date can now be updated

      When adding a corporate order into the ADvance backend, it is now possible to alter the start date as you can for personal subscriptions.

    2. Specify form in corporate self-service activation flow

      It is now possible to select which registration form should be completed by allocated beneficiaries via the corporate self-service module. This is done by adding the form survey code onto the activation variable in the text asset ‘ECORPORATESELFSERVICEACTIVATION’.

      See example below:

      <a href=”##ActivationUrl##&surveycode=88”

    3. First name, surname, email address pre-populated on registration form for corporate self-service allocated users 
    4. Email validation (if switched on for database) is not required for corporate self-service recipients so long as they register/log in with the same email as the self-service activation was sent to.

    Reset password url available in backend

    In the situation where a user is unable to receive the system generated reset password email, it is now possible to copy the url from the credentials on that party record and paste into an email sent directly to them.

    Kat Abacus (10000008) - AD-2018-08-06 17-01-22

    This url will be refreshed (and altered) each time you access this page (as it contains a hash for the date/time).

    Update ‘crumbtrail’ headings on e-commerce flow

    You can edit the labels on the crumbtrail bar (top of the screen) on the frontend e-commerce flow:


    This text is managed via a text asset – ‘Purchase flow progress bar’.


    Edit page texts on frontend e-commerce pages

    You now have access to update more page text than previously on each page in the frontend e-commerce flow via the corresponding text assets.

    For more information, please see the Appendix in the attached PDF.

    PII (Personally Identifiable Information) flag on custom attributes

    This allows you to flag any custom attributes which contain PII data. This flag can be found in the settings tab on each custom attribute:


    This flag is used to decide which information gets erased when a request comes through from a customer and also to determine information displayed in the GDPR dashboard in the ADvance backend.

    Note – we have added this flag to custom attributes in the ‘Personal Data’ category as these are not editable by ADvance users.

    Ability to link multiple variants for continuous payment

    You can now create multiple linked variants in a chain for continuous payment methods.

    e.g. Initial price of £1 for first month, then stepped up £10 per month for next 11 months and then £15 per month for following year etc.

    This will allow you to implement price increases as appropriate (e.g. annual price increase) by creating a new linked variant with a specified number of recurrences.

    * To find out if your ADvance licence can take full advantage of all new features and functionality, please contact your account manager.

    Supporting documents

    Click links below to download and view individual files.