The system administrator can use the site settings page to configure the from email address for workflow emails, and to change the number of priorities available on stories. 

    Accessing the site settings page

    The sites option is accessible from the System tab. It shows all the sites in the current CMS. This page can be used to set or change some site-wide defaults.


    Selecting a site will display the site details.

    Site details

    The Site [1] is the name of the site as it appears in the CMS and on the front-end website wherever the publication name is displayed by code rather than a graphic.

    Website URL [2] is the URL. This must not be changed.

    Workflow Email [3] is the from address of internal system emails sent when stories are actioned to people or roles. It should be a valid email address to prevent emails being treated as spam.

    List Order [4] is relevant if there are more than one site being managed by the same CMS. It determines the order that the sites appear in the CMS, in search results or the masthead drop down.

    Max Story Priority [5] sets the maximum priority value for stories. Stories can be ordered by priority on section pages. If the default value is too low, the number can be increased here.

    The two fields relating to an audience consent filter [6] are explained in a separate article confirming consent

    Last updated 29/5/2018