Campaign types are used to group campaigns under a single type.

    Every campaign must be assigned a campaign type. Campaigns are managed in the Campaign page.

    There are no default campaign types or campaigns. They must be set up to meet your reporting needs.

    For example; Your magazine may run several different marketing campaigns to attract new customers. You can create campaigns to monitor which campaigns attracted which customers to your products. This could be structured in ADvance to allow you a variety of reporting possibilities.

    • Campaign types. Some may be print advertising, some may be online advertising and some may be TV advertising. You could create three campaign types; print, TV and online. Each campaign would be assigned to one of the three campaign types. This would allow you to compare your print advertising against your TV and online advertising and see which was the most successful type of campaign.
    • Campaigns . This would allow you to compare the performance of individual campaigns against each other. You may have different advertising campaigns running on your website, each using different adverts. In ADvance, you could create unique codes for each advert. This would allow you to perform AB testing on your advertising. The codes can be inserted into the URL link for each advert and you can create a report to find show which gets the most clicks.

    Using campaign code types

    There are two ways which campaign types are used:

      • Campaigns. Campaign types are linked to campaigns within ADvance. When a campaign is created, there is a mandatory option to set the campaign type for it. This allows you to group any number of campaigns underneath the campaign type for reporting purposes. See the Source Codes page for more details
      • Reporting and BIA method of segmenting your database to provide actionable data about your customers Filters. Campaign types can be used to create reports. This allows you to generate data including:
        • Data about every source code and campaign which has been linked to the campaign type. Source codes are linked to a variety of features in ADvance, such as product offers, party records, forms etc.
        • Web activity data which has been gathered from URLs which use codes linked to the campaign type.
      • Reports can be created using BI filters.

        When a filter or column is added to the BI filter, you can select the source code campaign type source from the any source code sub folder of the source codes folder:

        Example of the Source Code Campaign Type Source for a BI Filter

    BI filters can also be used in other areas of ADvance.

    For example; You may want to create a BI filter to use in a renewal campaign. You could create a filter which would allow you to target every customer who has subscribed following a specific type of campaign. See the Business Intelligence page for more details.

    The campaign types page

    The campaign types page displays all campaign types in ADvance. The campaign types are displayed in two tabs:

    • The active tab. This shows campaign types which are available for selection when you create a new campaign

    Example of the Campaign Types page

    • The inactive tab. This shows campaign types which have been made inactive. These code types are not available for selection when you create a new campaign code, but may already be linked to existing campaigns.

    Example of the Inactive Campaign Types tab

    Campaign types are displayed in a table view.

    • Use the search campaign type filter to filter the list to show campaign types with a specific criteria.
    • Click on a letter above the table to only show campaign types that start with the letter
    • Click on a column heading to sort the table

    How to add a campaign type

    You can add any number of campaign types to use for reporting purposes.

    1. Click Add campaign type. The add campaign type form is displayed:

    Example of the Add Campaign Type form

    1. Type a Name
    2. Type a Description
    3. Click Add

    How to edit a campaign type

    1. Click the Name of the type you want to edit. The fields are made editable in the table:

    Example of the Edit Campaign Type fields

    1. Edit the campaign type as required
    2. Click Save

    How to delete a campaign type

    Note: Campaign types are not deleted from ADvance. This prevents them from being removed from existing campaign codes. They are made inactive when deleted to prevent them from being added to new campaign codes.

    1. Tick the campaign type you want to delete
    2. Select Delete in the actions menu at the bottom of the table

    Example of the Delete action

    The campaign type is made inactive and displayed in the inactive tab