We are pleased to announce that the latest version of Webvision Cloud will be released at 5pm on 3 April 2019. It contains a number of fixes and improvements to the system, as well as support for new features and functionality.*

    New features

    Output story TYPE site-wide

    A much-requested feature where the display of content type [1,2 and 3] is now configurable for the following SPIN types – story criteria, grid, scroller, carousel, audio and video. 

    sitename _ Home171127

    To enable it, click on a given SPIN block’s Layout Options and tick Type. Notice the preview should now show the content type. Type is not ticked by default.

    Webvision _ Site Navigation171745

    Webvision _ Site Navigation171650

    Note that widgets do not support Type

    Enhanced Native Advertising (BETA) changes

    • Promo positions shown site-wide: apart from story pages, you can now output promo blocks on all other pages, for example SPIN, contacts, type, tag, bio, etc.
    • Back-end UI: maximum of ten categories to exclude is supported [1]
    • Back-end UI: Max age supports up to three digits [2]
    • Back-end UI: Max age of ‘0’, or blank, now means ‘no limit’ to the age of content generated for native advertising slots. It is also the default.
    • Fixed an issue where stories could be duplicated in both positions A and B
    • Fixed styling for mega menu sponsors when sponsor name wraps on more than one line. Note that the mega menu supports a maximum of 3 lines of headline and 3 lines of sponsor name.

    Webvision _ Publications144745

    Read more on Enhanced Native Advertising.

    Enhanced microsites

    Microsite navigation can now be shown or hidden based on segmentation rules – certain microsite menu items can be visible to a selected target audience. For example, you can output Microsite > Reports only to logged-in users who have a “Microsite” access subscription.

    Read more on microsites.

    CMS changes

    • Contacts: added default values for social media fields

    Webvision _ Contacts103502

    • Change Tracking includes category changes for multiple publications

    General improvements

    • Improvements to the client snippets site – to access your custom snippets page, append the following to your site URL: /magazine/dest/snippets
    • Contents of Advert A can be moved to the bottom of the story text by supplying an additional data attribute to the Advert A page text HTML: data-mpu-end="". This is so that the advert will be less intrusive on mobile screen sizes when it can be mid-story text.

    Note that on full width story layout, Advert A is always shifted to the bottom of the page regardless of screen size.

    • Google+ and LinkedIn support has been dropped due to both third parties disabling the required plug-ins. Note LinkedIn profile data is preserved so that it can be re-used in future releases.
    • Added two new options to configure labels – story attachments “Download All” button (label name DownloadAllBtnTxt) and “Related Search Results” (label name RelatedSearchResults). Defaults are available in /CMS/languages.aspx

    Language labels are part of our localization support. However, they may also be used by English-only sites to vary the text displayed. Read more on language translations.

    • A number of security improvements
    • Wallpaper advert stabilisation improvements
    • HTML sanitised for Webvision Content API


    • Fixed issue with Facebook (and other) scrapers to support encoded image URLs, and thus comply with W3C standards. We have now upgraded the Open Graph image path encoding for special characters support in image filenames
    • Fixed an image loading issue in picture carousels
    • Fixed an issue where the “Most popular” block omits stories that are not categorised
    • “Save Story” feature now visible for full story (standard, picture and gallery layouts) and standard story (picture and gallery layouts)
    • Fixed double touch issues on iOS devices
    • Firefox handling of story attachments and tags/category block fixed
    • Fixed issue where date pickers not shown on Safari
    • Fixed “More link” padding for style 2 SPIN blocks
    • Scroller arrow now disabled when reaching the end of a scroller
    • Corrected padding when no story share options are provided
    • “Show Fullscreen” image option is no longer output for inline images in email RSS

    * To find out if your Webvision Cloud licence can take full advantage of all new features and functionality, please contact your Account Manager.