We are pleased to announce that the latest version of Webvision Cloud will be released at 5pm on 12 June 2019. It contains a number of fixes and improvements to the system, as well as support for new features and functionality.*

    New features

    Hero Block

    Check out our new high-impact and versatile SPIN block.


    Read more on How to use the new Hero Block

    Device preview

    You can now check that content looks good across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Available for story and SPIN pages, it will be automatically switched on for all existing Webvision Cloud clients.


    Enhanced microsites (BETA)

    We have added some of the top requested features for microsites:

    • Search for microsites
    • Categories and tags
    • Most popular widget

    We will also be adding support for auto more links soon!

    Read more on microsite functionality

    Help your users discover content faster by harnessing the full Power Search.

    • Masthead search auto-suggestion
    • Masthead search pre-select content area
    • Drill-down filter support
    • Ratings

    Find out more about the Power Search

    We now offer a ‘Most popular’ widget that you can configure yourself. As well as selecting the number of items, the time period measured, and whether to display images and comment count, you can also choose the content of the tabs. You can have one or two tabs – selecting from most popular, most commented, and latest stories.

    Example shows most popular and latest tabs

    Image shows Most popular and Latest tabs

    Read more about the Most Popular widget

    Article user ratings

    Configurable option per story. Ratings can be output site-wide: story, SPIN and search results.

    ratings on SPIN pages

    Read more on ratings

    No longer in BETA

    Utilise the firepower of these fully-armed and operational modules…

    Enhanced Native Advertising

    Category Landing page


    • CMS editor: added a horizontal rule option. The horizontal rule is a great way to split longer sections thematically. Available as part of the standard editor options.


    • CMS editor: when editing HTML format stories you can attach an image for index purposes, but there is no option to insert it inline. (As before, images must be added manually when using the HTML format.)


    Inline INSERT button no longer shown on hover for HTML stories

    • Newsletter widget displays Latest email instead of Username email


    • Keyboard accessibility improvements for galleries and comments



    • Caching of site-wide labels has been fine-tuned


    • Automatic ‘more’ link for SPIN blocks was temporarily hidden – now it’s back!
    • Widget buttons are now shown in IE11
    • Native advertising slot B is now working like all other slots
    • Native advertising duplication – we uncovered some particular scenarios which required review
    • Download file types correctly output – this had previously regressed to show all file types as ‘Other’
    • Search results filter scrolling fixed for mobile devices
    • SVG thumbnails now displayed in the CMS story editor – they were not shown briefly when uploaded
    • Removed custom behaviour based on word “private” included in navigation summary text
    • Extra long Navigation Logged In items are no longer clashing with the mega menu
    • HTML stories can no longer be shared or swapped between publications

    * To find out if your Webvision Cloud licence can take full advantage of all new features and functionality, please contact your Account Manager.