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    Abacus policy

    No VAT on e-publications from 1st May 2020

    Zero rates of VAT will now apply to some e-publications from 1st May. Find out what changes you might be required to undertake in ADvance here. 

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    Abacus policy

    Optimise your site for Covid-19 traffic peaks

    As business moves fully into a ‘working from home mode’ and your users seek vital information on their sectors and professions, we are seeing unprecedented traffic spikes on some Webvision Cloud sites. During this period of exceptional and varied traffic activity on your websites it’s more important than ever that ...

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    Abacus business continuity plan

    Inline CSS Jump links The aim To define the core functions of the Abacus business; To identify what services these functions are dependent on; To identify the owners and primary service and a plan to engage the alternatives should ...

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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

    The potential impact of a local or company-wide shut-down is obviously large so we are reviewing our Business Continuity Plan.

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    Health & Safety Policy

    Abacus Health and Safety Policy Statement Abacus recognises its duty to comply with the Health Safety at Work Act 1974. It has a commitment to do everything that is reasonably practicable to prevent accidents and to provide every employee and any other person who may be affected ...

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    Complaints Policy

    Abacus may receive complaints from customers in writing, by email, via our website, over the phone or face to face; in each case the Abacus employee that received the complaint should complete a customer complaint form and send to the Compliance Officer / . Upon receipt of the ...

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    Data Protection and Data Retention Policy

    Introduction Abacus is fully committed to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) which came into force on 1 st March 2000 (See Appendix A). We are required to maintain certain personal data about individuals for the purpose of satisfying our operational and ...

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    Abacus Information Security and Technology Policy

    Purpose This document sets out the Abacus Information Security and Technology Policy. It should be read in conjunction with the Data Protection Policy and the Abacus Employee Handbook. Scope IT Communications and data handling are key parts of our business, it is therefore critical that both employees ...

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    Equal Opportunity Policy

    Introduction Abacus Software Ltd, trading as Abacus is committed to being an equal opportunity employer and to ensuring that all employees, job applicants, customers/ clients and other people with whom we deal are treated fairly and are not subjected to unfair or unlawful discrimination. Policy Statement This ...

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    Abacus CSR Policy and Achievements

    Introduction Abacus is committed to being a socially responsible employer and to, as far as possible, supporting both the immediate and wider community beyond the obvious commitment of paying commercial rates, corporate and PAYE taxation. This covers our ethical, environmental and social commitments and should be considered alongside ...

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    Website user account lock-out

    We have added a mechanism to lock out website front-end users so that by default, they will not be able to log in after a number of consecutive incorrect passwords over a period of time.

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    System email setup

    The purpose of this document is to advise and enable Abacus clients to send mail correctly from our SaaS platforms. This covers the DKIM, DMARC and SPF DNS settings. 

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    Guidance on logging JIRA tickets

    The answer to your question should already be in the Help Centre! But in case it is not, nominated people within your organisation will have access to our cloud Jira system and be able to raise tickets.

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    Have you implemented a good security policy?

    Advisory material on password policy and general security best practices.

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    Enhance your customers experience with these optional platform features

    Below is a complete list of all add-on features that the Abacus platform offers.

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    Webvision Cloud and Webvision AWS Hosting Service

    The proposed Abacus hosting platform runs in a virtualised environment on Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform. 

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    Abacus ADvance Hosting at Azure Security and Resilience

    Introduction | The Partners | Microsoft Azure | Application Configuration | Hosting Resilience | Security and Performance | Site Software Security | Monitoring | | Azure Support Introduction The Software as a Service (SAAS) or “Cloud” model has become ...

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    One year of the Abacus Help Centre!

    In the latter part of this year, we are looking to refresh the site design and layout. Also, look out for a new section called Success Recipes.

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    PSD2: The road to secure online payments

    Read all about PSD2, SCA, and 3DSecure.

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    How does Abacus select and prioritise items for the R&D roadmap?

    Abacus platforms help our customers grow engagement and revenue by delivering customised experiences and offers. Whenever we consider adding to the development roadmap this overall mission is at the forefront of our minds.